REFLEX Model Flight Simulator

REFLEX Model Flight Simulator 5.05

An interactive simulator of controlling aircraft
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Select the model of the aircraft you wish to fly and experience the authentic process of controlling it in the air. The simulation supports the stereoscopic view of the generated environments via 3D glasses enabling the assessment of depth and distance.

REFLEX Model Flight Simulator provides a sophisticated stereoscopic 3D mode. When activated and observed through appropriate 3D glasses, sceneries and models can be perceived with real spatial depth. The intuitive perception of distance to ground, to obstacles and to other models offers a substantial additional value.
To make the spatial depth perceptible on a computer display, two different types of 3D glasses have been established, namely on the one hand the NVIDIA® GeForce 3D Vision shutter glasses and on the other hand the red/cyan anaglyph glasses. The best 3D impression can be obtained with the NVIDIA® GeForce 3D Vision shutter glasses; however, this requires a special 120Hz 3D display and a NVIDIA® compatible graphics card. In contrast, the much more affordable red/cyan anaglyphs can be utilized in conjunction with any personal computer hardware, still providing an impressive 3D effect, despite of slightly affected color perception.

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